About Us

When I was in my early twenties, I yearned to be a famous singer. Then I realised I was better suited to being a poet! I am still practising at both . . .
I am acutely aware that the profession I eventually chose may not appear quite so glamorous, but I find working with finances challenging and my clients are diverse and interesting.

Most of our clients are established, growing businesses, just like ours. Many of them come from the creative sectors and this is where we specialise. We help our clients to manage their finances and cash, improve profits and plan for growth. In return they pay compliment to the wallpaper in our office and satisfy our creative needs by allowing us a peek into their colourful business worlds.

We love to maintain close working relationships with our clients. They see us as being very much part of their team, working alongside them. Our role is to take away the stress of the finances and to provide timely, dependable support and management information. And sometimes cupcakes!